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Headmaster's Letter



Dear students,

The staff and management wish to extend a very warm welcome to all the potential applications for Wisdom Mount Academy Qingdao (WMAQ).

Wisdom Mount Academy Qingdao is a EY-12 bilingual school belongs to Qide Future Education Group offering an elite holistic education for students from 3-19 years old. The school is located in the University Town of Qingdao West Coast Military-Civilian Combination Zone. The school is well resourced having 1.3 billion yuan being invested and having plenty of space of 182,000 m2 to provide world class educational facilities.

Wisdom Mount Academy Qingdao embraces the challenge of each student achieving their full academic potential, with an emphasis on a true bilingual education. We wish to develop specialised skills and leadership through participation in a broad range of co-curricular activities while developing strong character to help guide our students in an increasingly complex interconnected world.

At the core of our educational philosophy is the importance of sympathetic and committed relationships, led by the expertise of our teaching staff and pastoral team. We aim to ensure every student is known, valued, cared for and encouraged to turn their abilities into accomplishments. Whether you are looking for a day school or a residential learning experience for your child, everything we do at Wisdom Mount nurtures our students to develop holistically, so they become well rounded, can act with integrity,  show benevolence for others and have the courage to lead others in the future.

Teachers regardless of their nationality, have an advanced education philosophy and are experienced in the field of international education. The school will deliver a hybrid curriculum covering Chinese national curriculum while extended the students with courses that support their academic fluency in English and Chinese.

The mission of the school is to create students of good character and moral standing, so they are wise, faithful, brave and kind. Through our programme, they will retain a pride in their home culture as well as developing an international perspective to help them understand other culture’s points of view.

Our standards of acceptance for students are based on merit, personality, ability and desire to achieve high academic standards. Our entire staff takes personal responsibility and assists students in all aspects of the educational process. We are committed to providing an academic learning environment and safe, comfortable living that ensures the quality education for each and every student that attends WMAQ.









青岛威德明特双语学校总校长 刘艳云

报名热线: 0532-55585997


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